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Harcour USA

Harcour Margy Woman's Padded Jacket

Harcour Margy Woman's Padded Jacket

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Harcour Margy Woman's Padded Jacket

The padded jacket is warm and comfortable with its quilting and polyfil lining. It is water-repellent and windproof. The inner cuffs of the padded jacket are made from polyamide to keep out the cold and retain a constant body temperature.


It features a large, warm, and cozy detachable hood made from 100% faux fur.

All the padded jackets in the Winter collection are made without the use of animal fur or duck down, making them #animalfriendly. 

Style Details

Available in Black and Navy.

The zipped pockets, silver-colored details, and shiny logo give the padded jacket a soft, modern look. Its cut suits any body shape for a stylish figure.

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