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Horse Pilot Tempest - Women's

Horse Pilot Tempest - Women's

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Description : A MODERN AND TECHNICAL SPORTY FLEECE JACKET The Tempest jacket has been designed to protect you from the cold while providing excellent breathability. Its ergonomic design and 4-way stretch fleece lets the rider move around freely. The interior fabric is brushed for extra warmth. This highly breathable material effectively evacuates moisture during intense training sessions. Specific features have been developed specifically for horseback riding. The hood is held in place with a fastener on the collar so it doesn't come in the rider's way while riding. The hood and collar protect the rider in cold weather when worn over the head. It can also be worn in cool to moderate weather with its breathable and thermal insulation. To be worn all seasons.

Item Number : P539

Category : Coats & Jackets

Brand : Horse Pilot


Condition Desc. : NWT
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