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Horse Pilot

Horse Pilot Womens Team Pants

Horse Pilot Womens Team Pants

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Description : TEAM PANTS This jogging pant is worn as an over-trouser to protect competition pants. Very versatile, it is equally suitable for everyday use in the stables. A NEW PANT, INSPIRED BY OUR PILOTS! This product was inspired by watching you! The 'Team pants' jogging pant was created for competition riders. Its shape was designed to be slipped on easily over another pant, to keep it from getting dirty while you are waiting for your turn. The zips are long, so the lower leg can be widened, making it easier to pull on, or to position it on your boot. The stretch fabric is a light weave so as not to be too warm. It's very versatile and can be worn on its own at the stables or in town. And because at Horse Pilot we are proud to be seen, we added a large logo on the leg.

Item Number : P618

Category : Apparel

Brand : Horse Pilot


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