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Horse Pilot Storm Jacket - Women's 2020

Horse Pilot Storm Jacket - Women's 2020

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Description : A VERSATILE (ALMOST) ALL-PURPOSE JACKET We created the Storm jacket to adapt to different temperatures and levels of exertion in horseriding: a hybrid thermo-regulating jacket that retains warmth without the risk of overheating during exercise. This lightweight jacket can be worn on its own over a T-shirt in hot weather or under a protective jacket in wet and cold weather. The combination of different fabrics adapts to the temperature needs of the different parts of a rider’s body. The polyester/down quilted heat-activated panels provide warmth for the chest, stomach and back and protect from the wind. The lightweight pleated-mesh and high-stretch fleece sections on the arms, shoulders and sides allow moisture to wick away from the body and provide great freedom of movement. The micro-perforations under the arms and on the sides promote air circulation during exercise.

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