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Horse Pilot

Horse Pilot Aerotech Jacket - Junior Girl

Horse Pilot Aerotech Jacket - Junior Girl

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The Junior Aerotech jacket is the perfect embodiment of our equestrian clothing approach. We have redesigned the competition jacket, making it more ergonomic and technical, without sacrificing its timeless lines. Its fabric is supple and elastic, giving greater freedom of movement, while still creating the proper style for a competition jacket. We have also created an ergonomic shape and fit, for a technical and pre-shaped jacket giving perfect freedom of movement to the competition rider. In addition to its breathable fabric, strategically-placed laser perforations along the back and under the arms allow temperature regulation. The result? A jacket designed for performance that you won’t even know you’re wearing.

Ergonomic in every detail

The cut of the cuffs gives freedom of movement for your wrist even with long sleeves.

Quick fastening

Snap buttons making it easy to button up quickly.

The Aerotech jacket is our technical interpretation of the competition jacket; light, flexible and ultra-breathable, it gives the rider unbeatable freedom of movement.

Air vest compatible.

Colors: Black and Dark Knight

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