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FreeJump Milo Men's Breeches

FreeJump Milo Men's Breeches

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The Milo breeches provide ultra comfort and technical excellence. They feature a seamless and reinforced crotch, along with glued assemblies on areas subject to friction, ensuring comfort, durability and long-lasting wear.

The Milo breeches are the perfect blend of comfort, style, and performance.


The breeches feature a perfect fit and a sculpted silhouette with the ergonomic back sides, preformed buttocks, thighs, knees, and calves. The belt, secured by hooks, six loops with a wide belt and a semi-automatic zip, offers a secure and adjustable fit. The competition version (white fabric) includes an anti-slip silicone band.

The Milo breeches are equipped with silicone Griptec technology on the inside leg, engineered for performance and providing a low-profile and seamless grip. With a very high recovery rate and extended wear comfort, these breeches offer exceptional performance. The fine, breathable, and stretch socks on the lower leg ensure easy donning, and the laser-cut finish adds a touch of elegance.

The breeches are made from a technical, sun-resistant fabric with a silky, breathable, double-layer Italian fabric. The abrasion-resistant polyamide base effectively limits odors and bacteria, while the elastane with Xtra Life Lycra technology provides flexibility and improve freedom of movement.


– Freejump dragonfly on hip and back pocket
– Freejump logo above back pocket

Care and maintenance

With quick-drying fabric and the benefit of UPF50+ UV protection, the breeches are easy to care for, machine washable at 30° and don’t need ironing. The Milo breeches are Oeko-Tex certified, which means they are free from harmful substances.

Palette de couleurs

Color palette

The Milo breeches are available in Star White, Uranus Blue and Saturne Green.

Star White embodies a flawless shade of white. Like a shimmering star in the night sky, this perfect white radiates pure luminosity.

Uranus Blue, a captivating navy hue, draws inspiration from the depths of the celestial universe. This deep and rich shade brings timeless elegance and a refined style.

Saturne Green evokes the verdant hues of the nature and the essence of forests. This khaki green shade combines earthy tones and sophistication.

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