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Equitheme Vibration T-Shirt

Equitheme Vibration T-Shirt

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The Pro Series Vibration T-shirt is a Technical Merino/Lyocell short-sleeved T-shirt with a rounded neckline, providing lightness, breathability and softness.

The Lyocell Tencel™ is an ecological artificial fibre made from cellulose produced from Eucalyptus' wood pulp.

The Merino wool derives from the merino sheep.

It is very refreshing, the Lyocell Tencel™ fibre is highly absorbent, no wet feeling and a true freshness.

The Pro Series Vibration T-shirt is thermoregulant, both Lyocell Tencel™ and Merino fibres have the same working process that helps absorbing large amount of water while keeping the surface dry.

Thanks to its physical and chemical structure, wool does not hold smells, it is antibacterial.

The Lyocell Tencel™ fiber stays dry avoiding the bacterias spreading.

Very comfortable, the two materials provide a soft and smooth touch.



Fitted cut

Flatlock seams

Mesh structure, mechanical stretch

The RWS provides verification of the practices that are happening at farm level, giving brands a clear solution that will allow them to make claims about their wool sourcing with confidence.

The Lyocell Tencel™ is an ecological artificial fibre with absorbent properties that comes from the Eucalyptus pulp.

It enable the body temperature and sweating control.

On account of its high content of water, the Tencel provides a nice freshness feeling.



60% Lyocell Tencel™

20% merino wool

20% viscose


Maintenance tips

Machine washable at 30°C. No dryer.



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